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How PursueCare helps you through Coronavirus

Telehealth treatment for
opioid addiction at home.

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I have been in healthcare for 34 years and have never seen a more caring patient-first company.


Access to stigma-free and individualized medication and counseling treatment for Opioid Use Disorder via telehealth.

Recovery is a journey, we're here to help you each step of the way anytime and anywhere.

Effective addiction treatment via live telehealth technology on your smartphone or computer.

Select a care team that meets your needs and schedule treatment through our app.

Mail-order prescription addiction recovery medication, like Suboxone, shipped to your home.

Pay your way - treatment is covered by most insurances and we offer an affordable self pay plan.

Thank God for people on this earth like you. You really went above and beyond and you didn't have to, but you did and I'm grateful. I was so worried and you made it possible. Thank you.


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