PursueCare - Addiction Treatment From Your Smart Phone or Computer.
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For Patients

Access to stigma-free and individualized substance use and addiction therapy, via video conferencing, no matter where you are on your recovery journey. Click here to learn more, get started, and take control.

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For Providers

Want to join the network and help transform lives? Our team of specialized teletherapy addiction counselors, psychologists, therapists and clinical social workers are making a difference in addiction treatment. Click here to learn more, join the network, or access your provider portal.

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Why people choose PursueCare

Effective substance abuse treatment via live video conferencing technology

Securely access us anywhere, anytime via your smart phone or computer

Select a provider that meets your needs and schedule an on-demand session

Mail-order prescription addiction medication and pharmacy solutions

Pay your way - We offer insurance and self pay plans