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Untreated mental health or SUD conditions cost insurance carriers approximately $1000 per month compared to individuals with no such condition.

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The PursueCare Solution for Health Plans

24 hours is the average time from appointment request to seeing a provider.

We establish value-based programs with health plans that help identify members in need of addiction treatment and lower overall per member cost attributable to Substance Use Disorder. Our telemedicine addiction treatment programs can reach members anywhere, increasing geographic network coverage in underserved and rural communities.


  • Promotes a healthy workplace and better mental health.
  • Eliminates significant obstacles to care, such as stigma and logistics.
  • Integrates cohesive and immediate mental health services into your self-funded network. Our programs promote employee wellness and reduce hospital admissions. Your employees will be empowered to seek the help they need.
  • Has protocols in place to streamline an effective and impactful program launch-to-delivery model that works best for your ecosystem.
  • Makes it possible for your employees to discreetly access care directly from their mobile devices via our proprietary app.
Phone with PursueCare app screen