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40% of U.S. adults reported struggling with mental health or substance use.

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The PursueCare Solution for Primary Care Practices

24 hours is the average time from appointment request to seeing a provider.

Our integrated telehealth program begins at partnering points-of-care that lack the resources or programs to provide all components of a comprehensive outpatient MAT program on-site. We assess patients for Substance Use Disorder and mental health issues, develop a treatment program, and transition patients to video care at home. We collaborate with your team to report on quality metrics and outcomes for shared patients. There is no cost to our partners.


  • Eliminates significant obstacles to care for patients, such as stigma and logistics.
  • Integrates cohesive and immediate behavioral health treatment into your current services.
  • Has protocols in place to streamline an effective and impactful launch-to-delivery model that works best for your ecosystem.
  • Makes it possible for your patients to discreetly access care directly from their mobile devices via our proprietary app.
Phone with PursueCare app screen