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Mental Health Therapy
with PursueCare

We treat for mental health conditions including bipolar and other disorders with psychiatry, therapy, and counseling as well as by prescribing any necessary medications. You will have a team of licensed clinicians, counselors, and case managers supporting you every step of your journey.

What Starting Mental Health Therapy Looks Like

  • Download the PursueCare app on your mobile device.
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  • Create an account and fill out your profile by answering a few questions.
  • Connect with a Case Manager to schedule a pre-treatment appointment, discuss payment options, and review expectations.
  • Meet with your clinical team who will create a personalized treatment plan and can write prescriptions based on your needs.
  • Get set up with our pharmacy, PursueCareRx, for all your medications, if any – your case manager can help.
  • Start your treatment plan by attending individual and/or group sessions and accessing Pear, our digital therapy tool.
  • Check in regularly with your case manager for guidance, support, and assistance in addressing any issues you may have with your treatment.
  • Continue your journey to better health and a better life!