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Substance Use Disorder and Treatment in the LGBTQ Community

Substance Use Disorder and Treatment in the LGBTQ Community

June is National Pride Month, making it a good time to raise awareness of the unique issues faced by the LGBTQ community when it comes to substance use disorder as well as the obstacles faced when seeking treatment.

While addiction can affect anyone, the National Institutes of Health states that “LGBTQ people have a greater likelihood than non-LGBTQ people of experiencing an SUD in their lifetime, and they often enter treatment with more severe SUDs.” In addition, “Sexual minorities with SUDs are more likely to have additional (comorbid or co-occurring) psychiatric disorders.”

Seeking treatment for these conditions presents a plethora of challenges. In a report from the Human Rights Watch, evidence shows that the LGBTQ community faces several obstacles to receiving proper care. These range from lack of access, especially in rural areas, to outright discrimination on the part of healthcare providers and insurance carriers.

Seeking treatment for addiction and other behavioral health issues carries stigma and judgment on its own. For people in the sexual and gender minorities, that stigma and judgment can be seriously increased, leaving the LGBTQ population not only at higher risk for addiction and mental health issues, but dramatically underserved when it comes to quality treatment.

“We believe people have the right to the best healthcare possible, including those living with substance use disorder and other behavioral health conditions,” says PursueCare CEO Nick Mercadante. “Our mission is to increase access and reduce barriers to care for everyone, and that includes the LGBTQ community.”

PursueCare offers a complete telehealth addiction recovery program that includes MAT prescribers, addiction and mental health counseling, medication delivered to your door, and a care coordination team to help you on your recovery journey. This is all available through our app, from your own home.