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PursueCare Waives Fees for New Partners

PursueCare Waives Fees for New Partners

PursueCare Waives Fees for New PartnersIn the face of growing concerns regarding in-person contact and overflow at healthcare facilities, we are waiving all implementation fees of our PursueCare Connect portal, the electronic link between PursueCare and our collaborating partners.

The portal makes it possible to immediately refer patients for treatment and provides on-demand triage for patients identified as potentially needing SUD care. Better still, it includes resources for SBIRT to help non-SUD providers rapidly assess and transition care.

We can treat patients with ongoing, non-coronavirus, addiction-related medical issues at home without compromising quality of care. This reduces the risk involved in OUD and SUD patients going to an in-person care facility and coming into contact with people who are potentially sick with coronavirus.

PursueCare collaborates with a wide range of healthcare providers in Kentucky, West Virginia, Vermont, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. We are able to rapidly implement programs in vulnerable settings such as primary care, community health centers, hospital EDs, and rural clinics, getting up and running in as little as a week. This can bring immediate relief to healthcare facilities overtaxed with an influx of potential coronavirus patients.

Our providers bill insurance directly for services; there is no cost for our partners. PursueCare is in-network with Medicare, Medicaid, all managed care organizations (MCOs), and most commercial insurances. We also offer self pay, financial assistance, and participate with veterans’ plans under TRICARE.

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