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PursueCare Speaking at the NCAD 2020 Virtual Experience – July 30th

Nicholas Mercadante, JD, PursueCare’s Chief Executive Officer, will be speaking at the National Conference on Addiction Disorder’s 2020 Virtual Experience on July 30th 2020.

This session will share key considerations for telehealth MAT, including evidence supporting successful approaches, challenges, and why serving the ever-growing demand for effective intervention care, transition care, and improved access to MAT is more important than ever during COVID-19 and into the future. Each speaker will share clinical and operational data and insight from PursueCare, one of the practices at the forefront of telemedicine addiction treatment, to show how the programs have potential to increase access and connection with vulnerable populations, particularly in rural communities.

This presentation will highlight trends and developments in state and federal law governing the provision of telemedicine for MAT, including what COVID-19 executive orders have implications in the future. Attendees will benefit from research and discussion about novel solutions to: answer issues with access to MAT; improve collaborative care and transitions of care; address advance best practices for technology; and destigmatize patient-centered care for improved engagement and outcomes. The presentation will provide both an executive/legal perspective as well as a psychiatrist’s perspective on why telemedicine works, and where it can fail. Importantly, attendees will take away knowledge and materials that support investigating whether in-house telemedicine programs or collaborative partnerships with telemedicine providers can benefit the populations they serve, and how to implement them with minimal cost and administrative burden.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss how to successfully transition from in-person care to electronic medium
  • Identify technical considerations for treatment and services, both from the provider and patient perspective
  • Describe the effectiveness of telemedicine for intervention treatment and bridge programs

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