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People at PursueCare – Regina Kowal, Clinical Director of Addiction Medicine

Regina Kowal, Clinical Director of Addiction Medicine

When I found out about PursueCare and read about the organization, I appreciated the outreach and access that the company provides – it is unlike any other program I have known. I was very happy to start at PursueCare in 2020 and am now the Clinical Director of Addiction Medicine.

The role I have speaks to many of my professional interests, including evidence-based practice, being an educator, and working with colleagues to ensure quality care that promotes positive patient outcomes. I love working with a team that is genuinely invested in giving the best patient care possible. I can sense the common thread of promoting the highest standard of patient care and access daily in meetings and conversations with team members.

My proudest moment was when I needed to advocate for a patient who had delivered a baby. The patient was not given any pain medication after a cesarean section and reported that she was told, “We do not give anything to people like you.” For an hour, I was passed among several nurses, a charge nurse, a medical resident, and a surgical resident. They all gave me a version of “These people do not get anything for their pain.” I asked to talk to the attending clinician on her unit. Eventually, the attending clinician agreed that she deserved a treatment plan for her pain, and we discussed what it would be. I followed up with the patient, and the clinician had followed through as promised.

I would encourage anyone interested in addiction medicine and MAT to get involved by learning about their community resources, MAT programs, and the different ways they can make a difference. Every single team member at PursueCare is valuable. Together, we make a difference every day for people impacted by addiction and help them live their best lives.