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New DEA Rules Proposed for MAT and Telemedicine

The DEA has proposed new rules regarding telehealth prescribing of controlled substances and we want to talk about how it might affect our practice and patients and how PursueCare plans to respond.


The DEA has proposed creating two new limited options for telemedicine prescribing of controlled substances without a prior in-person exam. In its current form, the new rule requires that by November 11, 2023, patients already receiving treatment have to complete an in-person visit with a medical provider and get a referral back to telemedicine if they want to stay in treatment. This “in-person visit” requirement also applies to new patients, who have only 30 days to complete an in-person visit and get a referral before their prescription runs out.


These rules are NOT yet in effect and may never be as currently written. If they do go into effect, we are fully prepared to meet the new requirements. PursueCare has several in-person clinics as well as partnerships with hospitals and healthcare providers in every state we serve. We will be able to utilize our clinics and partnerships to ensure that our patients are able to complete any necessary in-person visits. In addition, our Case Managers will continue to implement robust targeted case management services, working to connect every patient with a primary care physician. Rest assured that our current and new patients will be able to receive the care they need while meeting all regulations.


PursueCare is among a large group of organizations that has submitted opinions on why the proposed ruling is ill-advised. We will continue to advocate for our patients while the proposal is considered.




We know that right now there is a lot of uncertainty around this proposed ruling, and that can be stressful. We don’t know what this final rule will look like, and if or when it will go into effect. What IS certain is that we will advocate for a rule that preserves our patient’s ability to receive care, and if new regulations go into effect, we will make any adjustments necessary to deliver the same excellent and convenient care we do now.

If you have questions about the proposed rules or would like to share your story, email us at .