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Coronavirus: How PursueCare Can Help

Coronavirus: How PursueCare Can Help

Coronavirus: How PursueCare Can HelCoronavirus, or COVID-19, is a top concern for healthcare providers. The CDC predicts an inevitable spread of the virus throughout the United States. The Kentucky Department for Public Health held a statewide webinar for clinicians and public health on March 4th, recommending Infection Prevention and Control Activities which include limiting the number of patients going to a hospital or other out-patient settings as well as healthcare professional encounters with patients.

Partnering with PursueCare can help local healthcare facilities prepare for a potential coronavirus outbreak in the community.

PursueCare, a telehealth program for people with substance or opioid use disorder, utilizes a smartphone app to provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT), counseling, and care coordination. We are training our providers to recognize coronavirus symptoms and make appropriate recommendations if additional care is needed.

Substance use patients are at higher risk for contracting coronavirus, and PursueCare offers an alternative to in-person triage and unnecessary healthcare visits by enabling people to get the care they need in their own homes. This frees up staff and resources at healthcare facilities to be utilized where most needed.

We work collaboratively with inpatient programs, hospital emergency departments, community health centers, and primary care offices. Our program helps transition patients seamlessly from these environments to comprehensive in-home substance use disorder treatment. PursueCare providers bill insurance directly for services, allowing for rapid implementation at no cost to our partnering sites.

PursueCare is in-network with Medicare, Medicaid, all managed care organizations (MCOs), and most commercial insurances in Kentucky and West Virginia. We also offer self pay, financial assistance, and participate with veterans’ plans under TRICARE.

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