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PursueCare is a 2020 TripleTree iAwards Finalist

PursueCare is a 2020 TripleTree iAwards Finalist

Minneapolis, MN – October 28, 2020 – TripleTree Holdings, LLC, a healthcare merchant bank advising and investing in high-growth healthcare technology and services businesses, is pleased to announce the ten finalists for the 2020 TripleTree iAwards. Finalists were evaluated and selected based on the impact of their transformative capabilities and their potential to address some of the most pressing needs in healthcare.

“The TripleTree iAwards have always provided perspective into the innovation happening across the healthcare industry, and the unique realities of 2020 have proven to be a powerful catalyst for further industry transformation,” said Michael Carroll, Chief Marketing Officer at TripleTree. “The caliber of this year’s applicants was impressive and reflected the unprecedented level of activity happening across the industry. Each of this year’s finalists helps make healthcare work better for consumers or improves how the system works.”

The 2020 TripleTree iAward finalists are:

Solutions that Improve Healthcare for Consumers

Solutions that Improve How Healthcare Works 

The 2020 TripleTree iAward winners will be announced later this year and will be featured in a TripleTree Market Insights LIVE webinar on Tuesday, December 15. Winners will also have the opportunity to engage with the TripleTree platform throughout 2021 and collaborate with TripleTree and TT Capital Partners professionals, innovators and industry leaders to help advance their businesses.

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TripleTree is an independent healthcare merchant bank focused on mergers and acquisitions, growth capital, recapitalizations, strategic advisory and principal investing. Since 1997, the firm has advised and invested in some of the most innovative, high-growth businesses in healthcare. For more, visit www.triple-tree.com.

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