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COVID-19 and Substance Use Disorder

COVID-19 and Substance Use Disorder

COVID-19 named by WHO for Novel coronavirus NCP concept. Doctor or lab technician holding blood sample with novel (new) coronavirus N.C.P. in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, medical and healthcareAs coronavirus, or COVID-19, continues to spread there are parts of the population who run a higher risk of contracting the disease, which includes people with underlying conditions such as heart disease or cancer.

It also includes people living with or recovering from opioid addiction and substance use disorder.

Dr. Volkow of the National Inst itutes of Health has written, “Those with SUD may be especially susceptible to infection by the virus that causes COVID-19. And persons with SUD who develop COVID-19 may find it harder to get care. Those in recovery will also be uniquely challenged by social distancing measures.”

Using opioids and other substances like meth can affect lung function. Anyone whose respiratory health is compromised is more vulnerable to COVID-19. Public health measures may mean access to your source is disrupted, leading to withdrawal.

You might have trouble seeing a doctor because of self-quarantine, or because your local clinic or urgent care center is overburdened with COVID-19 patients. According to the America Society of Addiction Medicine, “The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is presenting significant challenges for opioid treatment programs.”

We can solve these problems. Please stay safe.

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