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Our Mission is Your Recovery

Addiction can affect anyone.

Recovery is possible through Medication-Assisted Treatment and counseling.

At PursueCare, there is no stigma associated with substance abuse disorder. Addiction is a medical condition and we provide treatment, medication, and support completely free of judgment, all through our app. We work to make all our clients comfortable and confident.

We combine telehealth technology with traditional medication treatment and counseling to help ensure a successful recovery.

Our app means treatment is at your fingertips: Access Medication-Assisted Treatment, addiction counseling and mental health therapy, toxicology screening, care coordination, and medication delivery all on your phone.

PursueCare's Vision

We work to provide easy, stigma-free, 24/7 access to addiction and behavioral healthcare services. Our goal is to reduce relapse and overdose scenarios and improve both rehabilitation and long-term drug dependence outcomes.

Helping People Recover

At PursueCare, you have an addiction counselor who knows you and understands your story, your needs, and your goals, and can virtually meet with you anywhere, at any time.

Therapy and Medication Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is the use of FDA-approved medications in combination with therapy to improve the outcome of addiction recovery. Research shows MAT to be highly effective as a treatment approach to achieving and sustaining successful recovery from opioid addiction. Your doctor can prescribe medications such as Suboxone® (buprenorphine/naloxone) and Vivitrol® (naltrexone) to help achieve recovery. Medication treatment is most effective when combined with therapy from one of our licensed counselors.

Individual Specialized Prescriptions

PursueCare owns a mail-order pharmacy, which offers patients a number of important benefits. Your doctor can work directly with our pharmacists to tailor addiction recovery medications and non-opioid pain management alternatives to your needs. Electronic prescription submission and direct home delivery offer the highest level of confidentiality and convenience.

Our providers bill insurance directly for you.

We accept many private insurances, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. If we’re not in-network with your private health plan, we can help you submit your claim for reimbursement. Get started by registering today. Our care coordinators will help you determine whether your treatment is covered.




Self-Pay Options

If you do not have insurance, or your plan does not cover PursueCare’s treatment, we offer low-cost, self-pay plans starting at $50 per session.

We will also work with those who qualify for financial assistance plans and partners that want to offer per member per month pricing.

We accept all major US credit cards:


Financial Assistance

Treatment is covered by most insurances. Our care coordinators will help determine whether treatment is covered and find alternative solutions when it is not.


Veterans Plans

We participate with veterans’ assistance programs under TRICARE and support collaboration with local VA facilities.