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Workers with SUDs miss nearly 50% more days than their peers, averaging 14.8 days a year of unscheduled leave.

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The PursueCare Solution for Employers

24 hours is the average time from appointment request to seeing a provider.

Employees can be assessed by a licensed physician, meet with a counselor, attend group therapy, engage in self-guided modules, conduct toxicology screens, and securely message their care team, all through our app on their own mobile device.


  • Promotes a healthy workplace and better mental health.
  • Eliminates significant obstacles to care, such as stigma and logistics.
  • Integrates cohesive and immediate mental health services into your self-funded network. Our programs promote employee wellness and reduce hospital admissions. Your employees will be empowered to seek the help they need.
  • Has protocols in place to streamline an effective and impactful program launch-to-delivery model that works best for your ecosystem.
  • Makes it possible for your employees to discreetly access care directly from their mobile devices via our proprietary app.
Phone with PursueCare app screen