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Are you a counselor who is passionate about making a difference in addiction treatment and recovery?

Join us!

At PursueCare, we are committed to bringing qualified counselors together with clients suffering from addiction, substance use disorders, and related mental health conditions via HIPAA-compliant, mobile-friendly, and cloud-based video conferencing technology.

  • We make it easier for at-risk patients to attend their appointments and stay on the path to recovery by removing barriers including travel from remote areas, work or childcare issues, or simply the stigma of visiting a therapist’s office.
  • PursueCare’s platform includes easy-to-use video conferencing, scheduling, and documentation tools right at your fingertips, allowing you to move seamlessly between sessions.
  • Tailor your schedule and appointment preferences. Reduce no shows and recidivism by allowing patients to see you whenever and wherever it is convenient for both of you, including nights and weekends.
  • Our network offers two ways to connect - scheduled appointments, as well as a “virtual waiting room” that allows patients in need to wait for the first available therapist to see them.
  • Our managed services team will work with payors, bill sessions, and provide client services to ensure you get paid.
  • Our clinical advisory team provides evidence-based tools, continuing education, and best practices to innovate your care.
  • PursueCare also connects your clients who need Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) with prescribers in our network, including access to mail-order prescription services for addictions medications, life-saving overdose medication, non-opioid pain management alternatives, compounding and specialty medications. Click here to find out more about our partnering pharmacy services.