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About Us

The concept behind PursueCare was developed through collaboration between experienced and entrepreneurial individuals from the behavioral health and pharmacy fields, and the technology industry. The PursueCare team shares a passion for revolutionizing how our country cares for individuals with substance use disorders and creating evidence-based solutions to more effectively address the opioid addiction and dependence.

Our mission is to knock down barriers to accessing high quality therapy and medication resources, preserving privacy and removing stigmas associated with seeking whole-person care and mental health treatment.

Questions You Should Be Asking

1What is PursueCare's business model?

PursueCare is a new 24/7 on-demand and scheduled addiction counseling network accessible via a state-of-the-art telehealth app, bringing together qualified therapists with patients in need via video conferencing.

PursueCare provides access to care anywhere an addiction patient is located, reducing cost and hassle associated with conventional in-person trips to therapy and the pharmacy, improving the reach and quality of care, as well as adherence to medication-assisted addiction treatment programs.

2How do providers prescribe non-opioid pain alternatives?

PursueCare partners with an existing sterile specialty/compounding pharmacy licensed in 20 states, with the capability to provide addiction medications and non-opioid pain medications via mail-order.

3How I can contact PursueCare for more information, or to get involved?

You can fill out our contact form on the contact page or email us directly at: info@pursuecare.com.

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